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Keddi Foundation Flags Off 100 Pilgrims for Mecca Pilgrimage

Keddi Foundation Flags Off 100 Pilgrims for Mecca Pilgrimage

A total of 100 pilgrims have been flagged off for this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca by Keddi Foundation. Keddi Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Keddi Steven Eric Zuluba, officiated the departure of the first group of Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

Ceremony at 2K Hotel in Kampala

The stirring ceremony took place at 2K Hotel in Kampala. Believers from various parts of the country gathered in a joyous mood to receive their travel packages. According to Keddi, a total of 100 pilgrims will head to Mecca earlier this week under their travel regulatory umbrella, Jamarat Travels Company.

Promoting Unity and Peace

Keddi emphasized the importance of the pilgrimage in promoting unity and peace. “I and the team of Keddi Foundation have flagged off this group of 100 pilgrims as a result of serving humanity. Many times, we have seen religious people confronting each other for no reason. Therefore, I’m encouraging our pilgrims who are leaving to go and pray for unity and peace both for themselves and the country,” he stated.

Collaboration and Gratitude

Keddi expressed his gratitude to various entities for their collaboration in ensuring a smooth travel process for the pilgrims. He added, “I thank the government for facilitating passport applications through their Muslim travel agencies.”

Praise from Muslim Leaders

During the flag-off, Muslim leader Sheikh Miradu Kaluuma praised the Keddi Foundation for its charitable projects promoting unity. Sheikh Kaluuma highlighted the significant financial commitment made by the foundation. “The average trip to the holy land for each pilgrim is estimated at over 20 million shillings, which is a good commitment by the foundation. We are happy as Muslims for this opportunity given to the believers. Though it’s not the first time for the foundation to offer such support, we are proud of Keddi and his team,” Kaluuma stated.

Future Support for Pilgrims

Keddi committed to supporting over 500 Muslim believers in future trips to Mecca. This commitment reflects the foundation’s ongoing dedication to supporting the Muslim community.

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority’s Advisory

Earlier this week, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) advised travelers using the international airport to plan well due to the anticipated increase in the number of pilgrims ahead of Mecca. This year, over 1,600 Muslim pilgrims are expected to travel to Mecca.

In conclusion , the Keddi Foundation’s initiative to support 100 pilgrims on their journey to Mecca underscores the foundation’s commitment to promoting peace and unity. As these pilgrims embark on their spiritual journey, they carry the hopes and prayers for a more united and peaceful community.


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