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Renewal of National ID Cards: Citizens Spared Fees, Express Service Available

Renewal of National ID Cards: Citizens Spared Fees, Express Service Available

Citizens Rejoice: Renewal of National ID Cards Comes with No Fee

In a move that brings relief to citizens across Uganda, the government has announced that the renewal of National Identity Cards (IDs) will no longer incur the previous Shs50,000 fee, except for those opting for express service. This announcement, delivered by the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Gen. David Muhoozi, during a statement to the Members of Parliament (MPs), signals a significant shift in accessibility to essential identification documents.

Parliamentary Pressure Spurs Government Action

During a recent parliamentary session, MPs expressed their dissatisfaction with the sluggish pace of ID renewal and issuance processes. With Shs300 billion allocated for these purposes, concerns were raised regarding the delay in releasing funds to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which hampered crucial activities such as recruitment and procurement.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa emphasized the urgency of the situation, highlighting the need to renew over 15.2 million IDs and enroll 17 million new ones by June. He urged proactive measures, insisting that recruitment should commence immediately, even in the absence of allocated funds.

Learning from Past Mistakes: Efficiency in Renewal Processes

MPs, including Kwania County’s Hon. Tonny Ayoo, advocated for improved efficiency in the renewal process, drawing parallels with the streamlined systems utilized in driving license renewals. Ayoo suggested that the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) could benefit from upgrading its technology infrastructure to enhance service delivery.

Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Inclusivity

Beyond procedural efficiency, legislators voiced concerns about marginalized groups facing barriers to obtaining IDs. Issues such as errors in registration data, denial based on disabilities, and recognition of ethnic minorities like the Maragoli community were brought to the forefront.

Minister Muhoozi assured MPs of ongoing efforts to address these challenges, including plans to equip hard-to-reach districts with standby generators and solar panels to mitigate power outages during the registration process.

Looking Ahead: Progress and Preparedness

Despite setbacks, Minister Muhoozi outlined the ministry’s proactive steps towards procurement and staff training, aiming to bolster the National Security Information System. Plans for connectivity mapping and provision of necessary equipment indicate a commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient renewal process nationwide.

As the government navigates the complexities of ID card renewal, citizens can anticipate a more accessible and inclusive system, reflective of Uganda’s commitment to empowering its people through essential documentation.

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